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Home demolition


Dumps Junk Quality Property Restoration provides a full range of services for the removal of residential and commercial structures and facilities. If you are looking to demolition a larger structure such as a strip mall, a shopping complex, a restaurant, or a school. We have the experience and resources you need. Larger demolition projects require experienced and seasoned contractors to carefully plan and execute every demolition. After destroying the commercial site, cleanup crews will sort and recycle as many concrete and other materials as possible. We are concerned not only for the efficiency and success of the demolition project but also for the environmental impact on your community. We strive to minimize potential hazards both during the demolition and once the debris is removed.


  • Commercial Structural Demolition

  • Building Demolition

  • Restaurant Demolition

  • Shopping Mall Demolition

  • Structural Demolition

  • Site Clearing

  • Complete structure Removal


  •  Residential Structural Demolition

  •   Single Family Residences

  •   Multi-Family Residences

  •   Partial Structural Demolition

  •   Accessory Buildings

  •   Old Shed Removal demo

  •   Barn Removal Demo

  •   Disaster Relief

​​Used by builders because we always do professional demolition work 

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